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Online loans bad credit -Complete our simple online loan application poor credit

Complete our simple online loan application poor credit

Do you want to borrow money? We all have to deal with it, unexpected expenses. For example, for the costs of a repair to your car. Or the purchase of a new washing machine if the old one suddenly gives up. In such cases, you cannot wait for your next salary, but you need money immediately. If your savings are not sufficient and you prefer not to borrow money from friends or family, you are fortunately able to borrow money via online loan application poor credit from Citrus.

Borrow quickly and repay quickly

Borrow quickly and repay quickly

The big advantage of borrowing a small amount is that you can get the borrowed money quickly. You often have the amount in your account within a day. You can then immediately pay for the urgent invoice or have the necessary repairs carried out. But because you take out a mini-credit as an emergency solution, you don’t want to be tied to it for too long either. After all, the interest that you have to pay on the loan amount also increases as your repayment takes longer. When you borrow a small amount, you must also pay it back quickly. This is usually within one or two months, depending on the conditions that your lender applies.

Costs for borrowing a small amount

For many people, being able to borrow a small amount in the short term is really a solution. However, it is important that you only use this solution for an urgent financial problem if you really have no possibility to postpone. There are costs involved. For example, you must take into account an interest rate that is considerably higher than that of a long-term loan. If you pay off within the specified period, it will all be better than expected. But if you are unable to pay back on time, fines will be added and the amount due can quickly rise.

Borrow a small amount wisely

Borrow a small amount wisely

When applying for a mini credit, take into account your repayment options. It is often tempting to borrow just a little more than you actually need to replace that broken washing machine. With a little extra money, you might also be able to buy a nice gift for your child’s or partner’s birthday. Or go out for dinner because otherwise it will never happen. But when you take out a loan, you undertake to repay the full amount including interest on time. In the case of a mini credit you must often be able to cough up the amount within a month or two. If you do not expect extra income, it is often a considerable assessment of your salary. Therefore do not borrow too much.

Where can you borrow a small amount?

There are various lenders who can lend you a small amount. Most people think that they can only go to a bank for credit. There, however, strict rules apply and your application will always be assessed at the Credit Registration Office in Tiel. If you are known there, a loan will usually be refused. However, there are other reliable financial institutions besides banks that can be of service to you. Harrison is an example of this. As an independent lender, Harrison applies its own rules and conditions. For example, a BKR registration does not have to be a problem if you are sure that you will be able to repay the borrowed amount within the specified period.

Terms of repayment

A loan for a small amount is usually easy to take out. You can submit an application online and, after approval, often have the requested amount in your account within a day. Ideal for unexpected necessary expenses that cannot wait until your next salary. However, the repayment terms that are used by the lender are what you should bear in mind. At Harrison, you can borrow an amount between 600 and 1500 euros, but you are required to repay this within 62 days. Of course including the interest due. You must also have a guarantor. This is someone to whom the amount can be recovered if you are unable to pay off in time.

Repay in installments

Mini credits are loans with a maximum between 1000 and 1500 euros. Because it concerns relatively small amounts, the money can be provided to you in the very short term. On the other hand, the amount due must also be repaid within a limited time. Harrison uses a duration of 62 days. You can use installment payments within those two months. You repay the first part including interest within one month. The last part plus the remaining interest must be credited to the lender’s account before the 62nd day. If you are able to repay earlier, it is certainly advisable to do this. It not only saves you interest, but also prevents you from spending the money that you still have to pay back on other things unnoticed.

Can anyone borrow a small amount?

In principle, anyone who is 18 or older can be eligible for a loan. It does not matter whether the amount is large or small. Of course, credits are not just granted and the applicant must meet certain requirements. The requirements depend on the financial institution that lends you the money. It is therefore very important that you study the applicable conditions well in advance. The interest rates used are also worth comparing. At Harrison, both you and your guarantor must be able to provide a valid proof of identity. In addition, your bank account number will be checked by having you make a test payment. When all the conditions are met, your application will be assessed and approved or rejected. You will usually receive a message on the same day.

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