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Express credit with immediate payment 2019.

An urgent loan with immediate payment is offered by numerous banks on attractive terms. But what do you have to consider? And what about the urgent loan with immediate payment without credit bureau or for the unemployed? Who clear up!

Urgent loan with immediate payment

Urgent loan with immediate payment

Sometimes it should go fast, for example, because a car is currently offered particularly cheap, the washing machine is broken or because the quick payment of the craftsman bill 2.0 percent discount is possible. Then an urgent loan with immediate payment is required.

Most of the time the post office slows down the application. For a signature is indispensable for loan agreements . After all, it’s quicker if you print out the documents yourself and then send them off instead of having them sent to you by post.

The application can also be accelerated if a video ID is possible instead of a post ID. All you need is a webcam. You have to keep the identity card, because the employees of the authentication service compare the image and information with the available data and of course the applicant. By a slight tilting of the card also the authenticity can be checked.

Low interest rates and good terms

What is the price of products and services is the interest rate on the loan. Not for nothing we call our comparison calculator also credit price comparison. However, there is a big difference between a bank loan and, for example, a new smartphone. Because with the quality of a mobile phone there are big differences between different manufacturers.

However, the purchasing power of 100, – $ is always the same, whether the money comes from a loan from a direct bank or the loan was taken from a sophisticated private bank (if the latter ever lends an urgent loan with small sums).

To build up wealth.

In principle, any installment loan can be terminated at any time in accordance with European law. However, the bank may charge a prepayment penalty of 1.0 percent of the remaining debt, with a remaining term of less than one year 0.5 percent. It is easier and cheaper, however, if special repayments are contractually agreed and free of charge.

If desired, the loan can be repaid at any time free of charge or the installment can be increased. In addition, the loan from the People’s and Reasierbanks’ camp offers immediate payment and quick processing.

wever, he is not one of the cheapest deals. A good mix of attractive interest rate and flexibility offers the top credit of our test winner.

Urgent loan with immediate payment for car purchase

Urgent loan with immediate payment for car purchase

Many banks also offer cheaper interest rates for car loans. The vehicle serves as security, so the interest rate is usually lower. Often, the vehicle registration document (Part II of the registration certificate) must be deposited with the bank. The car can still be used just as well, just not for sale. Some banks even refrain from depositing.

Urgent loan with immediate payment without credit bureau

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Regardless of whether it is a car loan or a regular installment loan, the prerequisite is always sufficient creditworthiness, ie the ability to repay the debts later. The banks use almost all data from the Wisebid credit bureau credit bureau.

Urgent loan with immediate payment for the unemployed

Urgent loan with immediate payment for the unemployed

One of the unrealistic promises of some credit intermediaries is, for example, the emergency loan with immediate payment for the unemployed without guarantors and collateral. Straight ones of the basic security for job seekers have no chance on a regular loan without additional hedge.

From the perspective of the donors, the low income is not only a problem, because there is little left to repay the loan, but also because it can not be seized.

Unemployed loans are often not serious. They demand high prepayments, but do not give credit at the end. Back you usually do not get the money anyway. One of the few serious offers is the Maxcredit for the unemployed. However, this requires a guarantor who needs a correspondingly good credit rating.

So if you have a sister, a father or a very close friend with a good credit rating, you can take out a loan with them. However, a self-enforceable guarantee is necessary for this. The bank may turn to the guarantor at the first default of payment. This should be expected even close friends and relatives, if it must be.

Alternative loan platform?

Alternative loan platform?

Sometimes, credit intermediaries refer unemployed claimants to loan platforms like Trucredit. However, applicants should be aware that here, too, usually a credit bureau information is obtained. Currently there are three major providers in Germany:

  • Creditity,
  • Trucredit,
  • Centiloan.

All three check the creditworthiness of the applicants. Customers with very high probability of default are immediately rejected, the others must expect higher interest rates. In addition, lenders will be presented with a grade ranging from A to E at Creditity, for example.


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