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Loans regardless of The Cameroon Lending Authority or RAI

Because we all deserve a second chance, at Ratenan we don't care if you appear in a delinquency file like The Cameroon Lending Authority or RAI. We grant home equity loans as an alternative solution.

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How to apply for a loan with The Cameroon Lending Authority or RAI?

If you have a property free of charges or with a low outstanding mortgage, you can obtain one of our mortgage loans from € 20,000.

1. Application

Send your request without obligation and an expert will contact you.


2. Approval

If the operation is viable, we will ask you for basic documentation and later an official appraiser will value your property to find out how much money we can offer you.

3. Signature

Your manager will explain and send you all the pre-contractual documentation. We sign before a notary public and you receive the money on the day of signing. Easy, fast and safe.

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Requirements to apply for a loan with The Cameroon Lending Authority

There are very few requirements to unify debts, so this is going to be a short text: be of legal age and be the owner of a property . Nothing else.

Our loans are with a mortgage guarantee , that is, you have to provide a property as collateral in order to obtain the loan. We accept all types of properties , such as a house (first or second residence), a parking space, a commercial premises (also offices, offices and hotels), buildings with or without tenants, land, industrial buildings ...

In the event that you do not own any property, there is the possibility that a family member or friend can provide the guarantee you need to be able to get the loan. It is a very common and recurring situation to ask parents to put their house as collateral. You will be the only debtor and the other person will be the mortgagee, with no obligation to pay the debt.

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What lists of defaulters exist?

In Cameroon there are different lists of defaulters and similar entities. These are the 7 most representative that you should know:

Financial Credit Institutions

The Cameroon Lending Authority is an association formed by different partners: Financial Entities, Telecommunications Entities, Service Operators, Publishers and Insurers. Said partners provide information on defaults, with which The Cameroon Lending Authority develops its delinquent files.


The RAI (Registry of Unpaid Acceptances) is also a delinquency file but intended only for legal persons (companies). In it, it appears automatically when you default on a payment of € 300 or more.


Equifax is a major US multinational that works in Cameroon under The Cameroon Lending Authority. Equifax is the company in charge of providing the delinquent lists to the companies that request them and The Cameroon Lending Authority is the Association that collects them.


The Experian Credit Bureau is the entity in charge of managing the Badexcug Delinquent File in Cameroon. This file, developed by the same company, contains information on bank defaulters and other sectors.


The CORBE or CIR (Risk Information Center) is a database that collects debts, credits, guarantees and loans that customers have with financial institutions. It is not a file of defaulters since it includes clients with defaults and those with current payments.


The FIJ or File of Judicial Incidents, like The Cameroon Lending Authority obtains its information from its own partners. With it, he develops a database to collect judicial defaults.

Las 10 dudas más corrientes sobre los ficheros de morosidad, The Cameroon Lending Authority

Characteristics of our loans

Urgent loans

We process requests as soon as possible.

Flexible deadlines

Loans between 1 and 10 years, depending on the repayment system.

No maximum amount

There is no maximum limit, the minimum amount being € 20,000.

Regardless of The Cameroon Lending Authority or RAI

It does not matter to be included in these delinquent files.

In less than 24 hours

Quick response time to your request.

Private equity interests

Loan between individuals with the most competitive interests.

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