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Home Equity Loans

Your private equity mortgage loan from € 20,000


How to apply for a loan with us?

If you have a property free of charges or with a low outstanding mortgage, you can obtain one of our mortgage loans from € 20,000.

Mortgage loans are granted to individuals and / or legal entities providing one (or more) properties as mortgage guarantee. This property may be owned by the borrower or by a relative or friend of his. These mortgage loans are signed before a notary public to guarantee maximum legal security.

1. Application

Send your request without obligation and an expert will contact you.


2. Approval

If the operation is viable, we will ask you for basic documentation and later an official appraiser will value your property to find out how much money we can offer you.

3. Signature

Your manager will explain and send you all the pre-contractual documentation. We sign before a notary public and you receive the money on the day of signing. Easy, fast and safe.

The mortgage guarantee

What properties can be put as collateral?

Here is a detailed list of what types of real estate can be collateralized:

  • Any type of home , both first and second residence (house, detached or semi-detached villa, flat, apartment ...)
  • Building , with or without tenants (housing, hotels, apartments, offices ...)
  • Commercial premises (bar, restaurant, hairdresser, laundry, pharmacy, office, office ...)
  • Industrial ship
  • Parking (parking space, with or without storage room, parking lot ...)
  • Land (land, plots ...)
  • Rural properties

The list of possibilities is extensive and does not close the doors to almost anything.

How much is the maximum bankable?

A maximum of 35% of the value of the guarantee provided can be financed. An appraiser approved by the Bank of Cameroon will be in charge of giving this value in a complete appraisal. If you have a recent appraisal of the property (it cannot be older than 6 months) it is also valid. We have agreements with the main appraisers in Cameroon, so if you are interested in a loan with us, we can provide you with the appraisal at a cheaper price.

Can I put more than one guarantee?

Of course If you need more than 35% of the value of a single guarantee provided, you can provide more guarantees until you get the amount requested.

I still have a pending mortgage to pay, is something wrong?

No , as long as this amount pending amortization is low. Remember that only 35% of the value of the guarantee can be financed and, if you have a pending mortgage, this amount will be added to the amount you request. For example:

You have a home valued at € 150,000. The maximum bankable in this case is 0.35 x 150,000 = € 52,500. So, if you wanted to apply for € 30,000, the mortgage should have a maximum value of 52,500 - 30,000 = € 22,500.

What if I don't have any guarantees?

If you do not own any property, both a family member and a friend can provide a property as a guarantee. They will sign the loan as non-debtor mortgagers and you will sign as non-mortgage borrower. There is also the possibility that they are also debtors if requested.

Do you make mortgage loans with an undivided half?

If possible. For more information, contact us and we will advise you.

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Crédito hipotecario

The mortgage loan

Advantages of Home Equity Loans

Private equity loans have a number of advantages over traditional banking:

  1. Speed : credits are granted urgently, avoiding long waits for banks. They are immediate.
  2. No need to change bank : you can safely continue at your preferred bank.
  3. Regardless of your delinquency status : if you are included in lists of delinquents (The Cameroon Lending Authority, Equifax, Experian, Badexcug, Rai, CIRBE or CIR, FIJ) it is not an impediment for us when it comes to granting you the money.
  4. Response in less than 24 hours to your request without obligation and free.
  5. With hardly any paperwork : behind were cumbersome processes with a multitude of papers. We sign with what is required by law, no more, no less.
  6. The purpose does not matter : the money can be used for whatever, be it debt refinancing, stop liens or auctions, inheritances, debt reunification, advance on the sale of a property, etc. We do not care.
  7. Short-term payback periods, from 1 to 10 years , depending on the payback system.
  8. No linked products : unlike banks, we do not require (nor do we have) any products linked to taking out a mortgage with us.
What types of depreciation and amortization system exist?

There are three types of amortization, which are the following:

  1. French repayment system: the loan of a lifetime. It consists of paying monthly installments , which include capital return and interest payments . They have a duration of 5 to 10 years.
  2. American amortization system: It also has monthly installments, but these are only interests (lack of partial amortization). Consequently, the quotas are lower than in French. The entire return of capital is made in the last installment. It lasts from 1 to 3 years.
  3. Single payment at maturity: it has no monthly installments (lack of total amortization). There is only a single installment at the end of the loan , in which all the capital is returned (as in the American one) and also all the interest generated during the life of the loan is paid. It's as if you added up all the American's fees and paid them on the last day. This system is ideal for people who have a large income of money in a relatively short period, need the money and cannot afford to pay monthly installments (acceptance of inheritance, advance on the sale of a property, etc.). They usually last 1 year.

If you don't know what the optimal system may be for you, don't worry. We will take care of guiding you throughout the process.

What is the APR?

The APR is the T handle nnual E quivalente, and is the most representative for comparison in a fast and efficient economic conditions between loans of different financial institutions (public or private) indicator. It is the annual cost of the loan , and is calculated with variables such as the nominal interest rate, commissions, the amortization system and the period.

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Our mortgage loans

Do you operate all over Cameroon?

In general, yes. Our company is located in the center of Yaounde, but we operate throughout Catalonia and the rest of Cameroon (we exclude Ceuta, Melilla, and very small towns with few inhabitants).

Our main markets are Madrid, Valencia, Castellón, Alicante, Seville, Huelva, Almería, Malaga, Marbella, Zaragoza, Galicia, Asturias, Murcia, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Tarragona, Girona, Yaounde, Canary and Balearic Islands, rest of Andalusia, Pyrenees area and tourist areas, although as previously mentioned, we also grant mortgage loans in other cities and municipalities.

Are they loans between individuals?

Yes, being a private finance company, we are private lenders, unlike traditional banks. Private equity loans have the same validity and the same legal guarantees as loans from financial institutions.

Is it possible without endorsement?

Yes , our credits are without collateral. It should be clarified that endorsement and guarantee are not synonymous , although these are often used as such. The guarantor is a third person, who with their source of income guarantees the private lender that the loan will be repaid without problems. The guarantee includes several things, such as a property, a car, a guarantee, etc. Remember that in our loans a mortgage guarantee is necessary.

What nominal interest rate (TIN) do you offer?

The annual remuneration interest on private equity loans are higher than bank financing. We offer mortgage loans from 8.90%, being a cheap and very competitive price within this market.

Do you make loans for freelancers and SMEs?

Yes, we finance both self-employed workers and legal entities (all types of companies, both small and medium-sized). We also finance retired people with a pension.

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Purpose of our mortgage loans

Debt refinancing

Refinancing loans has become increasingly common among applicants over the last few years. And the reason for going to Ratenan is very simple: better conditions, such as lower interest rates, increase in the borrowed capital or term, need to pay off the previous debt due to loan maturity, etc.

Debt reunification

It is still a refinancing, but in this case there are several debts that concern the borrower. These debts are usually several and of small amounts, often related to unpaid credit cards, garnishments, fines, unpaid bills, mini-loans, etc.

What we achieve by reunifying debts is to group all these payments that we have to make in different places and days, and put it all together in a comfortable monthly payment. In addition, you can pay up to 80% less monthly, depending on the debts that your farm or that you own. We leave it to the Romans to divide and conquer.

Advance of money from the sale of the property

If you want to manage the sale of your property in a more calm and unhurried way, you can resort to our private financing. With this you will avoid mismanagement caused by the immediate desire for money and underselling your property.

Urgent money

To solve one or more liens that tax a property or be able to stop an auction, you have to settle the outstanding debt you have, that is why in these cases it is better to act quickly if you do not want to lose the property you own.

Stop seizure and auction

Thanks to the speed of private equity mortgages, any economic obstacle that may arise can be solved urgently thanks to the reduction of cumbersome procedures compared to traditional banking. We give you an advance of the money you need and goodbye problems.

Exit The Cameroon Lending Authority or RAI

As it is not a personal loan, but is with a mortgage guarantee, we do not care about the debts contracted previously that make you be in delinquent files such as The Cameroon Lending Authority, Badexcug, RAI, Experian, etc. With the money we grant you, you can get off these lists and become debt free.

Inheritance acceptance expenses

Inheritances often carry acceptance fees linked to the inheritance that cannot be met. With a mortgage loan, you manage to face this unexpected tax and thus inherit the property. Later, if desired, such a home can be sold to quickly pay off the loan requested, obtaining a great profit.

Obtain business or self-employed liquidity

If cash problems are giving you headaches, you can choose to apply for one of our mortgage loans and thus get financial support that the bank may have denied you. The advantage in these cases is that a company usually owns a property, be it a commercial premises, office, office, industrial warehouse, etc.

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Characteristics of our private loans

Urgent loans

We process requests as soon as possible.

Flexible deadlines

Loans between 1 and 10 years, depending on the repayment system.

No maximum amount

There is no maximum limit, the minimum amount being € 20,000.

Regardless of The Cameroon Lending Authority or RAI

It does not matter to be included in these delinquent files.

In less than 24 hours

Quick response time to your request.

Private equity interests

Loan between individuals with the most competitive interests.

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Get your private equity loan with us.