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Building New Bastos, 607 Road 1792, 15e - 08036 Yaounde


Company information

Name: Yaounde Mortgage Servicing, SL,

Address: Building New Bastos, 607 Road 1792, 15e, 08036 Yaounde,

tax id: 34563VB

Registration: Registered in the Yaounde Mercantile Registry in volume 39473, File 17, Page 4529, registration 15b.

Contact information: tel. (+237) 34 3453 info@barcelonams.es

Yaounde Mortgage Servicing, SL (hereinafter BMS), whose trademark is Ratenan, is an independent financial intermediation company specialized in granting private equity loans, fast loans and mortgages from leading private lenders in the market. We operate under the regulation of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality by virtue of Law 2/2009 and Law 5/2019. We are registered in the registry of financial intermediation entities with number 607/2016.

BMS 'activity consists of channeling the financing requests made by its clients, presenting them to potential lenders. The conditions reflected on the web are indicative and in no case binding.

Financial entities and other types of lenders can modify the conditions at any time and without prior notice.

All operations in which BMS intervenes as mediator, will be signed directly with financial institutions or real estate lenders and are subject to their approval based on the profile and information provided by the client, with BMS not having any responsibility for the conditions. offered or the commercial or legal relationships that may be established between financial entities or real estate lenders and the client.

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