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* If the outstanding capital of the remaining mortgage is higher than the amount requested, we will not be able to carry out the operation.

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Your private capital credit from € 20,000


If you have a flat, house or premises in property free of charges, you can request your loan with Ratenan

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How to apply for a loan with us?

If you have a property free of charges or with a little pending mortgage, you can obtain one of our mortgage loans from € 20,000.

Mortgage loans are granted to individuals and / or legal entities providing one (or more) properties as mortgage guarantee. This property may be owned by the borrower or by a relative or friend of his. These mortgage loans are signed before a notary public to guarantee maximum legal security.

1. Application

Send your request without obligation and an expert will contact you.


2. Approval

If the operation is viable, we will ask you for basic documentation and later an official appraiser will value your property to find out how much money we can offer you.

3. Signature

Your manager will explain and send you all the pre-contractual documentation. We sign before a notary public and you receive the money on the day of signing. Easy, fast and safe.

What requirements must you meet to apply for your mortgage loan?

There are very few requirements to obtain financing with Ratenan; You must primarily own a property .


The borrower must be of legal age (+18)


You must contribute a property free of charges or with little pending mortgage


The borrower must be able to demonstrate his creditworthiness to face the loan payment

Advantages of our private equity loans

  • The most competitive interests: And without commission for cancellation!
  • Regardless of The Cameroon Lending Authority: We support people in bad debt.
  • Flexibility: Various financing possibilities and terms.
  • Free study : We study each case without cost or commitment.
  • 100% safe: Proposal clear and in writing, before a notary.
  • Speed: Efficient processing, deadlines and processes more agile than any bank.
  • Regardless of the purpose: You can use the requested money for whatever you want.
  • No related products : No life insurance, direct debit, etc ...
  • Without changing banks : Your bank does not concern us at all.


Don't worry if you are at The Cameroon Lending Authority or RAI

Because we all deserve a second chance. At Ratenan we are experts in alternative financing.


You have doubts?

If you have any question in the pipeline, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.

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What is a home loan?

It is a loan that is granted to a natural or legal person providing a property (apartment, house or premises) that will function as a guarantee for the repayment of the loan.

What amount can I request?

The minimum amount to request is € 20,000 , and without a maximum limit. The value will always be determined by the value of the guarantee provided, since we can only finance up to 35% of the value of your guarantee .

Can I apply for a loan if the property already has a mortgage?

No , the properties that are mortgaged as collateral for one of our loans must be free of charges . In some cases, when the outstanding amount of the mortgage is very low in relation to the value of the property, we can authorize a second mortgage without having to cancel the first one.

Does the purpose of the loan matter?

No matter the purpose, we adapt to your needs : debt refinancing, debt reunification, home sale advance, etc. Our home equity loans are designed so that you can meet any irregular payment obligation.

What documentation must I submit?

To assess the granting of your loan, it will be enough for you to answer a few simple questions so that we can determine if your application is viable. Once your application is accepted, we will ask you for the minimum documentation so that the hiring process is as quick and easy as possible.

What is the process once the loan is approved?

Once your loan is approved, we will request an appraisal of the property on which the mortgage is to be constituted; In a period of approximately three days we will have the appraisal report and we will contact you to review the loan conditions again and set the signing date . All our operations are signed before a notary to give maximum legal security to our clients.

Is it possible to repay the loan in advance?

You can cancel the loan at any time , you will only pay interest for the elapsed time and also, in some of our loans, we will not apply any type of commission for early cancellation!