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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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FAQ - Ratenan

Loan application

How much does it cost to request a loan study?

Nothing. The study of the operation is carried out completely free of charge and without any commitment .

How can I get a loan?
Either by filling out the loan application that suits you best, or by contacting us by phone at (+34) 93 100 23 42. If you also wish, you can request an appointment by phone to attend in person. We are at C / Muntaner 200, 15e - 08036 Yaounde .
Is it possible to obtain a loan if I am in The Cameroon Lending Authority, RAI or in other delinquency files?
Yes. The fact of appearing in the delinquency records does not imply any impediment to the approval of the credit.
What amount can I request?

The minimum amount to request is € 20,000, and without a maximum limit. The value will always be determined by the value of the guarantee provided, since we can only finance 35% of the value of your guarantee.

What is the annual interest rate on our loans?
All our loans are at a fixed interest rate that ranges between 8.90% and 14.90%.
Is it necessary to provide a justification of income?
In Ratenan it is not necessary to prove your employment status. In general, we will not ask you to submit payroll, employment contract, income statement, etc.
Is it possible to get a loan if I am with The Cameroon Lending Authority and / or RAI?
Of course yes . We do not care if you are included in a delinquency file, anyone can have a setback or a bad streak and we understand that that is not why access to credit should be closed. With us you will have that second chance you need!
Can you apply for a loan if the property already has a mortgage?
No , the properties that are mortgaged as collateral for one of our loans must be free of charges . In some cases, when the outstanding amount of the mortgage is very low in relation to the value of the property, we can authorize a second mortgage without having to cancel the first one.

Process of formalizing the requested loan

What documentation has to be submitted?
To assess the granting of your loan, we will not ask for documentation, it will be enough for you to answer a few simple questions so that we can determine if your application is viable. Once your application is accepted, we will ask you for the minimum documentation so that the hiring process is as quick and easy as possible.
What is the process once the loan is approved?
Once your loan is approved, we will request an appraisal of the property on which the mortgage is to be constituted, within approximately three days we will have the appraisal report and we will contact you to review the loan conditions again and set the signing date. All our operations are signed before a notary to give maximum legal security to our clients.
Does anything have to be paid before signing?
To formalize a mortgage loan, it is essential to carry out an appraisal of the property that is mortgaged with an appraisal company approved by the Bank of Cameroon. If you have an appraisal of your property in force we can use it, otherwise we will have to request one. The cost of the appraisal varies depending on the type of property (home, premises, plot, etc.) and its value. Our company has signed collaboration agreements with several appraisal companies that will allow you to take advantage of very advantageous rates.
How long does it take to formalize the loan?

The response time to the request is usually less than 24 hours, and the loan can be formalized within 48 hours after delivery of the appraisal report. We are aware that many of our clients come to us due to the need to quickly obtain the loan, for that reason our formalization process is optimized to be able to offer you the loan in the shortest possible time.

How is payment made?

After signing before the notary, you will receive a bank check in your name with the amount that we have agreed previously. You can take it to the bank and enter your bank account.

Term of the loan requested

Can you pay only the interest?
Yes, among our loan modalities we have a loan with no amortization (payment only of interest) and we can even offer you a loan with a total deficiency, without payment of installments, in which the payment of the entire principal and interest is made upon maturity of the loan (bridging loan). This last modality is designed for those people who hope to obtain an income with which they will be able to cancel the loan (sale of property, collection of inheritance, etc.) and do not want or cannot afford a monthly fee.
Is it possible to repay the loan in advance?
You can cancel the loan at any time, you will only pay interest for the elapsed time and also, we will not apply any type of commission for early cancellation!
What are the consequences if the loan cannot be repaid?
If you cannot make the loan payment, you must notify us as soon as possible so that together we can find a solution. If the breach is prolonged in time or you do not show willingness to pay, we will be forced to legally demand the payment of the debt, being able to ask for the auction of the mortgaged property.
How is the loan repaid?
The loan is paid by entering the bank account that we will indicate, or, if you prefer, we can send you a receipt to the bank account that you designate.
What if it takes a few days to pay?
If you are late in payment for a period of more than three working days, you will have to pay a penalty.
Is it possible to sell the property if it is mortgaged?
You can sell your property at any time, you just have to notify us three days before so we can appear at the notary to cancel the mortgage.