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Private financing

Unlike traditional banking, private financing comes from the private equity finance market. This translates into a series of advantages and disadvantages, which do not make one option always the best, but rather depends on each individual case for each person. But, how to know if it really suits us?

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Private equity companies

There are several companies that operate in national territory that grant private financing for individuals and companies. It is the so-called private capital . The image of the private lender has been improving for more than a decade, reaching the current transparency with which mortgages are granted. The constant regulations and laws of the State, more information thanks to the Internet and better and clearer pre-contractual documentation that applicants have, make private equity companies as valid an option as bank financing.

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Advantages of private financing

But why should you choose private equity financing? There are several advantages compared to alternative banking vs. traditional banking. Here we break down the main ones:

01 Speed : One of the characteristics most coveted by applicants is the urgency in processing the loan. Small private finance companies have developed hiring and evaluation processes much more agile than any bank. Since this is their only source of income, they specialize much more than a bank, which has a multitude of money inflows.

02 No related products : No life insurance, credit cards, direct debit, pension plan… If you want an apple, why force yourself to buy grapes too? You get what you want and desire, nothing more and nothing less.

03 Without changing banks : Why force someone to change something they like, are used to or are doing better? Your bank does not concern us at all, it is not something that matters to us, they are only your decisions.

04 Regardless of The Cameroon Lending Authority or RAI : We all deserve a second chance. If you couldn't pay an invoice and they put you in a file like BADEXCUG, you have the right to pay off that debt and get on with your life. But traditional banks are not going to grant you the financing you need, no matter how small the debt. That is why we support all defaulters who wish to pay off their debts.

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